Webinar: Google and Healthy Food at Work

Learning from Leaders

In celebration of Sustainable Gastronomy Day on June 18th, the Workforce Nutrition Alliance (WNA) launched the first in a series of Lighthouse webinars, “Google and Healthy Food at Work.” These webinars are part of WNA’s Roadmap to the Paris Nutrition for Growth Summit 2025 (N4G 2025). This session, presented by WNA, The Consumer Goods Forum, and the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) in partnership with Google, explored the nexus of healthy, sustainable food choices and corporate well-being.

The session spotlighted Google’s innovative strategies for fostering healthy and sustainable workplace food practices. It emphasized the importance of environmental stewardship and employee well-being, and detailed how these efforts align with relevant ESG reporting frameworks. Additionally, it highlighted GAIN’s perspective on the importance of dietary diversity and the role of animal-based foods.

We invite you to watch the recording of this insightful webinar and review the accompanying PPT presentation and ESG paper to gain a deeper understanding of how workplace nutrition programs can promote healthier eating habits and sustainability.

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