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    Integrating environmental sustainability into Healthy Food at Work programmes

    In a paper last year, the Workforce Nutrition Alliance (WNA) highlighted the desire to integrate Workforce Nutrition indicators into ESG reporting. We focused mainly on the Social and Governance elements. This follow-up paper addresses the Environmental aspects of workforce nutrition and ESG reporting. The WNA has devised a four-pillar framework for successful workforce nutrition programmes,…

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    The Workforce Nutrition Alliance Progress Review 2023

    In its fourth year, the Workforce Nutrition Alliance (WNA), launched by The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) and the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), has made significant strides towards its goal of reaching three million employees in organisations and supply chains by 2025 and over ten million by 2030. We are proud nutrition programmes have…

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    Workforce Nutrition at the 5th Global Food Security Conference

    Evert-jan Quak from the Institute of Development Studies recently presented at the 5th Global Food Security Conference in Leuven, held from April 9-12, 2024. His presentation, titled “The business case for workforce nutrition initiatives to enhance the role of private sector actors for demand-side food system change,” emphasized the critical role of workforce nutrition programs…