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The National Workforce Nutrition Alliance

Businesses in low-middle-income countries report losses ranging from approximately $130 billion to $850 billion a year due to malnutrition-related productivity issues. This indicates that malnutrition in any form has consequences beyond an individual’s health and well-being, significantly impacting economic performance. With a massive working-age population, India has a golden opportunity to build a healthy and thriving workforce. Recognizing this potential, GAIN India and IMPAct4Nutrition (I4N), a UNICEF initiative, have joined forces to launch the National Workforce Nutrition Alliance. This alliance aims to provide technical support to the businesses to design, implement and adopt workforce nutrition initiatives to improve nutrition outcomes for their employees.

This initiative will help solve existing challenges regarding nutrition in workplaces, and thereby build a sustainable model of the Workforce Alliance on a national level. It highlights the critical role employers can play in tackling malnutrition, ultimately contributing to the nation’s economic growth and development

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Employers are embracing the core values outlined in the Alliance’s Manifesto and are committed to advancing workforce nutrition to enhance overall employee well-being. By joining the National Workforce Nutrition Alliance, companies have a transformative opportunity to lead in fostering healthier and more dynamic workplaces. Membership signifies a pledge to elevate employee nutrition, recognizing that by caring for their employees, businesses can also improve overall business performance and enhance their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting. This alliance is not just a commitment but a powerful declaration to drive meaningful change, setting a global benchmark for workplace health and nutrition. Together, we can create a healthier, more prosperous future for all, where every workplace thrives and contributes positively to society. Join us in this transformative initiative, united in our ambition to make a lasting impact on employee well-being and corporate responsibility.


Benefits of being a member

Investing in workforce nutrition programmes is a win-win for both businesses and their employees. Not only do members enhance the capacity of their workforce by supporting their employees, and/or those of their suppliers, to access and better understand healthy nutrition, but being a member also helps your organisation to:

Access our practical tools and resources
Get technical support to design your initiatives
Demonstrate leadership in your field
Showcase your best practices
Network with other members


Join the National Workforce Nutrition Alliance in India

Become a valued member of the National Workforce Nutrition Alliance in India by simply filling out the Pledge Form below. Join us in this transformative journey to build a healthier, more productive India. Together, we can create an environment where every employee thrives, ultimately driving the nation towards a prosperous future.


Building on the global momentum of the Workforce Nutrition Alliance (WNA), GAIN India joined forces with the IMPAct4Nutrition (I4N) platform. This strategic partnership leverages the strengths of both organizations: GAIN’s expertise provides access to global best practices and resources in workforce nutrition, while IMPAct4Nutrition’s reach facilitates deeper engagement with businesses in the Indian market. This powerful synergy aims to raise awareness about the importance of workforce nutrition and equip Indian businesses with the knowledge and tools to implement impactful programs. Ultimately, this collaboration strives to foster a culture of workforce nutrition within India, leading to a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce.