Practical workforce nutrition tools and expert guidance now available to employers worldwide

Geneva, 16 July 2021 — As an employer, you know a healthy workforce is the foundation of a strong and competitive business or organisation, and offering a workforce nutrition programme to your employees is the most effective way to build a strong and resilient workforce. But, employers can often struggle with how to begin the process, what steps to take, and where to access information and knowledge.

In response, the Workforce Nutrition Alliance has developed a new set of expansive tools and resources that any employer – whether large or medium, in a developing or developed country, or with one workspace or several – can use to make the process simple and easy.

Available through the alliance’s online platform, these tools and resources include a series of four free practical guidebooks covering the four pillars of workforce nutrition: healthy food at work, nutrition education, nutrition health checks, and breastfeeding support. Each guidebook offers information and steps you can take to include these pillars in your programme.

For employers ready to design and implement their programme, new resources also include the launch of a specialised five-month implementation technical support programme. This very cost-effective paid programme is offered at two levels – Get Started, for those new to workforce nutrition – and Dive Deeper, for those seeking to enhance their workforce nutrition. Through this five-month programme of direct hands-on implementation support, you will be connected with others working through the same process, and benefit from knowledge sharing among your peers, in addition to access to technical experts. This programme is designed specifically for the focal point within your company or organisation tasked with developing your workforce nutrition programme.

These new tools and technical support offerings build on the existing online self-assessment scorecard. This free tool enables you to review and assess your workforce nutrition scenario, whether new or existing, and to identify gaps and opportunities for developing it. The outputs of this self-assessment can then guide you as you move to designing and implementing your workforce nutrition programme with the support of our technical support programme.

All of these tools and resources developed by the Workforce Nutrition Alliance are designed to support a simple Six Step process: 1. Assess your workforce nutrition programme, 2. Set your enhancement targets, 3. Develop your implementation plan, 4. Access our implementation technical support programme, 5. Monitor and report on your progress, and most importantly 6. Reap the rewards of a strong and productive workforce. Learn more about this Six Step process through this video.

Watch: Learn more about the Six Steps of building a workforce nutrition programme, which the Workforce Nutrition Alliance tools and resource can help support.

To guide you through the process, and to introduce these new tools and resources, the Workforce Nutrition Alliance is hosting a Special Information Session via Zoom on Tuesday, 20 July from 09h00-10h00 CEST. Register here today.

About the Workforce Nutrition Alliance

The Workforce Nutrition Alliance was launched by The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) and the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) in October 2019. The Alliance works to bring access to and knowledge about healthy nutrition to +3 million employees in member organisations and supply chains by 2025.

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