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    The Workforce Nutrition Alliance, whose partners are the CGF and the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), has published a Case Study Booklet where ten companies, including Google and Unilever,  have demonstrated their goals and achievements in workforce nutrition programmes. With this report, we hope to inspire companies to leverage the workplace to bring access […]

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    “Many of our young colleagues are already on the brink of obesity. We want to improve this situation.” 

    A cohort representing nine countries – The Workforce Nutrition Masterclass kick-off “Supporting employers and their executives to introduce cost-effective workforce nutrition programmes is what I am excited about.” That was Mirjam Kneepkens welcoming the participants to the autumn 2022 edition of the Workforce Nutrition Masterclass, which kicked-off on 14 September. The HR and operations executives […]

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    World Benchmarking Alliance confirms: Workforce Nutrition offers untapped opportunities

    Influential food and agriculture companies make progress on food systems transformation As we were celebrating World Food Day on 16 October 2022, the World Benchmarking Alliance disclosed its latest findings, assessing 22 food and agriculture companies from G7 countries (“G7 Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative” / SSCI) [link to report]. Together, these companies represent some USD […]

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    US Access to Nutrition Index 2022 – the pivotal role of workforce nutrition programmes

    Access to Nutrition Initiative’s recent US Access to Nutrition Index 2022 compared commitments of the eleven largest food manufacturers operating in the US about the delivery of healthy, affordable food and beverages to help consumers have healthier diets and prevent hunger. These include Campbell Soup, Coca-Cola, Conagra Brands, General Mills, Kellogg, Keurig Dr Pepper, Kraft […]

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    Two one-hour kick-off webinars on workforce nutrition at worksites – New edition of Fast Track for Leaders starts in October 2022

    10 October is World Mental Health Day. Whilst the pandemic has, and continues to, take its toll on our mental health, society pays for the rising mental health costs, but employers do so as well through lost productivity and increased demand for healthcare services by their employees. Mental health and employee wellbeing are interconnected topics on top […]

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    Food for mood: you feel what you eat – Five nutritional evidence-based steps about mental health

    By Bärbel Weiligmann and Geke Lobregt — The role of the employer in supporting nutritional and mental health of employees while at work has never been more pronounced than it is today. In March 2022, the WHO wrote how the ‘COVID-19 pandemic triggers 25% increase in prevalence of anxiety and depression worldwide’, representing a real challenge […]