The Workforce Nutrition Alliance Progress Review 2023

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In its fourth year, the Workforce Nutrition Alliance (WNA), launched by The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) and the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), has made significant strides towards its goal of reaching three million employees in organisations and supply chains by 2025 and over ten million by 2030. We are proud nutrition programmes have reached 6 million workers through our advocacy and technical support, and we are working towards 10 million by 2030.

Two cohorts of the Workforce Nutrition Masterclass, consisting of twenty participants across eleven countries, have completed the program this past year. Designed specifically for HR and sustainability professionals aiming to improve workplace nutrition within their companies, the masterclass has seen significant engagement. Since its inception, a total of four cohorts have completed the program, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to enhancing workplace nutrition globally.

Throughout 2023, 344 scorecard assessments were conducted across 67 organisations, spanning worksites in 48 countries. Of these, 49% achieved top-tier status, with 9% reaching Gold and 40% attaining Silver. These evaluations utilized the WNA’s self-assessment scorecard, serving as a foundational tool for developing effective and impactful workforce nutrition programmes.

Recognizing the vital role of workforce nutrition, companies are increasingly prioritizing their responsibility to care for employees. Beyond moral imperatives, investing in employee nutrition yields strategic business advantages. A healthier workforce translates to heightened productivity, reduced absenteeism, and enhanced employee retention and loyalty. This favourable outcome not only curtails expenses but also positively influences the bottom line, making it a wise business decision.

Looking ahead to the second half of 2024, we are actively crafting our Roadmap to Nutrition for Growth 2025. Among our planned initiatives are:

  • Launching the Lighthouse Webinar series, commencing on the 18th of June with a collaborative webinar alongside Google, focusing on the theme “Google and Healthy Food at Work”. Register here.
  • The Workforce Nutrition Masterclass‘s fifth cohort will commence on September 18th, offering a comprehensive three-month training and coaching program tailored for HR and sustainability executives engaged in designing and executing workforce nutrition initiatives. Register here.

This infographic summarises the highlights of 2023.

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