Workforce Nutrition at the 5th Global Food Security Conference


Evert-jan Quak from the Institute of Development Studies recently presented at the 5th Global Food Security Conference in Leuven, held from April 9-12, 2024. His presentation, titled “The business case for workforce nutrition initiatives to enhance the role of private sector actors for demand-side food system change,” emphasized the critical role of workforce nutrition programs in addressing global malnutrition and enhancing business outcomes.

With one in three people globally affected by malnutrition, the impact on health and productivity is profound. Workforce nutrition initiatives, which include access to healthy food, nutrition education, health checks, and breastfeeding support, have shown promise in improving employees’ nutritional health. However, there is a need for more robust evidence to demonstrate the financial benefits for companies. This ongoing research by IDS, GAIN, and olam food ingredients (ofi) aims to fill that gap by exploring the financial returns of these programs, particularly in low- and middle-income countries. The project, seeks to provide valuable insights that could encourage more companies to invest in their employees’ wellbeing, ultimately benefiting both businesses and workers. For detailed insights, please view the presentation by clicking the button below

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