Webinar: Workforce nutrition as part of the Access to Nutrition Index

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On Thursday 29 February, 80 participants joined ATNI and other industry leaders in a webinar hosted by The Consumer Goods Forum and presented by Workforce Nutrition Alliance (WNA). The focus of the discussion centred around the findings of the India Spotlight Index, examining the potential impact of workforce nutrition programmes as a solution to malnutrition.

A pivotal insight from the webinar highlighted how the four pillars of workforce nutrition programmes improve staff retention, reduce absenteeism and enhance worksite productivity. They also help organisations show they are addressing ESG imperatives through improved benchmarking scores.

Balaji Adivishnu, Chief Innovation Officer at Heritage Foods Ltd., and Mani Misra, Scientific Regulatory Affairs & Nutrition at Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt. Ltd., shared insights into their respective companies’ initiatives aimed at enhancing the nutrition of workers and their communities.

You can learn more by watching the recording of the webinar.

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