Three successful webinars on implementing workforce nutrition at worksites – Workforce Nutrition Masterclass starts in September 2022

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Roadmap to Implementation for Worksite Managers” was the title of three bespoke webinars organised by the Workforce Nutrition Alliance (WNA) during the first half of June 2022.
A total of 36 executives from 13 countries, representing 14 international corporations and organisations participated in the one-hour online workshops, that were hosted by Mirjam Kneepkens, WNA’s Senior Associate Workforce Nutrition.

During the session, Mirjam focused on key topics that are paramount to implementing workforce nutrition:

Benefits for local worksites:

  • Health and safety: Enhancing nutrition, health and wellbeing of employees
  • Staff turnover and satisfaction: Improving moral and increasing employee retention
  • Worksite profitability: Boosting productivity and reducing (maternal) absenteeism

Benefits for global brands:

  • Supply: Strengthening of supply and supply chain resilience
  • Brand equity: Increasing social value and recognition among suppliers and consumers
  • Reporting: Improve benchmarking scores and address ESG concerns

The four pillars of workforce nutrition:

  • Healthy food at work
  • Nutrition education
  • Nutrition-focused health checks
  • Breast feeding support

International case studies:

  • Garment factory: Bangladesh
  • Mango Supply: South Africa
  • Retail sector: United Kingdom
  • Nuts business: Vietnam

Budget considerations and concrete implementation steps

Overview of the 3-months Workforce Nutrition Masterclass (September to November 2022)

If you missed the webinar, we recommend watching the recording.

If you’re interested, you can also download the PowerPoint slides that were shared during the session.

Workforce Nutrition Masterclass – September to November 2022

Our upcoming Workforce Nutrition Masterclass is a great opportunity for HR professionals and worksite managers who work at companies that want to improve their workforce nutrition programme within our four core themes: Healthy Food at Work, Nutrition Education, Breastfeeding Support, or Nutrition Health Checks.

The class combines interactive group sessions, individual coaching sessions and helpful tools to implement and use in your organisation. Participants also enjoy the peer-to-peer learning opportunities. The entire course is offered online. 

You can register for the Masterclass by following the link. The application deadline is 31 July 2022.

At the end of the Masterclass, you will have built the foundation for a workforce nutrition programme that strengthens your company and improves the lives of its employees.

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