Investing in workforce nutrition yields – experts share latest data and case studies

The Access to Nutrition Initiative (ATNI) in partnership with the World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA) and the Workforce Nutrition Alliance (WNA), hosted an investor webinar titled Investing in Human Capital: Boosting Productivity through Workforce Nutrition.

The event, exclusively held for investors and financial institutions within the ATNI and WBA networks, aimed to showcase the business case for investing in workforce nutrition programs – both for direct employees and for workers in supply chains – and to provide investors with a toolkit for action. 

Please find the enlightening presentations from Bärbel Weiligmann, Workforce Nutrition Senior Advisor at GAIN, Katie Gordon, Senior Advisor on Investor Engagement at ATNI, and Will Sharp, Researcher at ATNI, here on the page.

Bärbel Weiligmann on the Business Case
Will Sharpe on Supply Chain Workers Case Studies
Katie Gordon on Investor Perspective

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