Watch recording: webinar on our new tools and resources for building your workforce nutrition programme

Special Information Session to learn about the rich array of new tools and resources launched by the Workforce Nutrition Alliance

Watch Recording Here:

Watch a recoding of this important webinar on our new Technical Support Programme to help you develop your workforce nutrition programme.

Whether you are considering to launch a workforce nutrition programme, or to enhance your current programme, this Special Information Session is designed for you. We introduce a new series of tools and resources developed to support you through the Six Step process of developing/enhancing your programme.

Experts from the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) and The Consumer Goods Forum walk you through the tools/resources and also  answer questions from the audience.

Workforce Nutrition is now recognized as key to an effective workforce and ensuring the health and competitiveness of your business or organisation. Don’t miss this special information session to learn more and gain access to the tools and resources you will need to start your workforce nutrition journey.

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