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  • Companies with a combined total of over 5.5m million employees and workers along the supply chain committed to workforce nutrition in 2021

    The Workforce Nutrition Alliance (WNA) and its partners achieved outstanding results in 2021, the Year of Action for Nutrition. Commitments made by companies covered more than 5.5m employees and workers along the supply chain. This significant number came from ten companies that made public commitments on workforce nutrition. A further 21 organizations took part in WNA’s first technical […]

  • Workforce Nutrition Alliance Reflection on 2021 Year of Action for Nutrition

    Dear Partners and Friends, As 2021, Year of Action for Nutrition, comes to a close, we are inspired to reflect on the year and what it has meant for workforce nutrition and the Workforce Nutrition Alliance.  Firstly, we would like to begin with a thank you to all of our Partners and Friends who have joined with us […]

  • Eleven multinational corporations have made a commitment to improving workforce nutrition

    The year 2021 was a watershed moment for workforce nutrition and the Workforce Nutrition Alliance. Eleven international firms have pledged to contribute their part in moving the needle in the workforce nutrition arena, with the goal of ending malnutrition and ensuring that everyone, everywhere can attain their full potential. The companies that made these commitments are […]

  • Workforce Nutrition recognized as a win-win-win at N4G Summit

    The two-day 2021 Nutrition for Growth Summit (N4G) that wrapped up today, 8 December 2021, was a significant moment for workforce nutrition and for the Workforce Nutrition Alliance.  During this important global event, which brought together thousands of leaders from government, the United Nations, the private sector, civil society and more, workforce nutrition was recognized for […]

  • Google announces workforce nutrition commitment at N4G Summit

    The two-day Tokyo Nutrition for Growth Summit 2021 kicked off today with commitments made by leaders of governments, companies, international organizations, the United Nations, civil society organizations, and others. Key among them was the high-level commitment made by Google in the area of workforce nutrition.  Citing the company’s partnership with the Workforce Nutrition Alliance — co-founded by […]

  • despair staff in logistic business sittng in container

    Mindful eating or eating for your mind? Diet and mental health at the workplace in a Covid-19 era

    Authors Geneviève Stone and Bärbel Weiligmann *This is an update to a previously published article In a pre-Covid-19 world, depression and anxiety were estimated to cost the global economy more than US $ 1 trillion per year1 in lost productivity. From recent discussions with companies on workplace wellbeing we notice a recurring theme: if mental […]